Empowering Benue’s Bright Minds: A Recap of SKYHub Nigeria’s First Cohort in Makurdi

In the heart of Makurdi, the capital city of Benue State, something transformative was brewing. The SKYHub Nigeria team had set their sights on empowering the region’s bright minds, and the first cohort in May/June marked the inception of an exciting journey.

The event kicked off with a vibrant energy, drawing in individuals from diverse backgrounds, all eager to enhance their digital skills and embrace new opportunities in the fast-evolving world of technology. From web design to digital marketing, SEO, and UI/UX design, the curriculum was designed to equip participants with the tools they needed to thrive in the digital landscape.

For many of the participants, this cohort was not just about learning new skills; it was about expanding their horizons. They embarked on a six-week journey that took them from the basics to advanced techniques, all while being mentored by industry experts.

The impact was clear, as participants left with more than just certificates. They left with newfound confidence, ready to tackle digital challenges. Some have gone on to secure digital roles, while others have applied their knowledge to enhance their existing businesses. The effects have rippled throughout the community.

SKYHub Nigeria has set a powerful precedent with this first cohort, sparking a digital revolution in Benue State. This journey has only just begun, and we can’t wait to see the ripple effects of this dynamic initiative. The future is digital, and Benue’s bright minds are ready to seize it.